Jose Angel Merino Mascorro

Name: Jose Angel Merino Mascorro

Birth date: June 27th 1983

Place of birth: Mexico, DF


2014 DSc. Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, UANL. Topic: Study of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) role in HCV replication regulation.

2011-2012 Doctoral Training. Lady Davis Institute, Jewish General Hospital-McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

2009 MSc. Pharmacy, Faculty of Chemistry, UANL. Topic: Transcriptional analysis of Leucophyllum frutescens fractions with hepatoprotective effect in a cirrhosis animal model.

2006 BSc. Chemistry – Pharmacy – Biology, Faculty of Chemistry, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL)

Academic experience

2014 Non-teaching professional staff / Researcher, Laboratory of Microbial Biochemistry and Genetics, Faculty of Biology, UANL.

2014 Professor (per hour), Institute Culinary of Mexico.

Undergraduate students. Food Chemistry

2009-2010 Professor (per hour), Faculty of Chemistry, UANL.

Undergraduate students. Virology, Molecular Biology, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry.

Research Experience

2010-2014 Graduate Program, Laboratory of Molecular Infectious Disease, Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, UANL.

2007-2009 Graduate Program, Laboratory of Genetic Engineering and Genomics, Graduate School, Faculty of Chemistry, UANL.

2004-2006 Laboratory assistant and researcher (recombinant proteins), Laboratory of Biotechnology, Faculty of Chemistry, UANL.

Honors and Awards

2009 Reconocimiento Santiago Maza, best work in Genomic Pharmacy. “Evaluation of differential gene expression in a model of liver cirrhosis”, XLII Pharmaceutical Sciences National Congress, AFM, Mexico.


Oral Presentation

2013 “Evaluation of antioxidant systems in human hepatocarcinoma cells infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV)” IX Annual Hepatology Congress, AMH, Mexico.

2009 “Experimental models for study of liver disease” Congreso Internacional de QFB, Faculty of Chemistry, UANL, Mexico.

2005 “Molecular cloning and bacterial expression of murine recombinant Interleukin 12” XI National Congress of Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Mexico.

Poster Presentation

2014 “Evaluation of the role of cellular antioxidant enzymes in hepatitis C virus replication”, International Liver Congress, EASL, UK.

2013 “Production of infectious HCV particles in human hepatocarcinoma cells Huh7.5.1”, XXVII Research in Medicine National Congress, Mexico.

2012 “Cu-Zn Superoxide dismutase (SOD1) silencing reverts acetyl salicylic acid (ASA) antiviral effect in HCV replication”, XXII Latin American Association for Study of Liver Disease Congress, Peru

2012 “Use of full infectious HCV particles infection system for study of HCV pathogenesis mechanisms”, VII Annual Hepatology Congress, AMH, Mexico

2009 “Evaluation of differential gene expression in a model of liver cirrhosis”, XLII Pharmaceutical Sciences National Congress, AFM, Mexico.

2009 “Evaluation of hepatoprotective effect of LF01 compound extracted from Leucophyllum frutescens in a rat model”, XLII Pharmaceutical Sciences National Congress, AFM, Mexico.

2009 “Bioremediation of silver wit biomass from algae of the genus Chlorella XIV Simposium of the Latin American Red of Biological Sciences, Mexico.

2009 “Bioremediation of plumbum and cadmium with Rhodotorula mucilaginosa” XIV Simposium of the Latin American Red of Biological Sciences, Mexico.

Workshop and Courses

2010 Primer Simposium “Enfermedades Emergentes: Dengue 2010”, Faculty of Medicine, UANL, Mexico

2009 3rd Microarray International Course Theoretical-Practical, Faculty of Biology, UANL and Microarray training at DNA Microarray Unit, Institute of Cellular Physiology, UNAM, Mexico

2005 VII Summer of scientific and technological research, UANL, Mexico.

2003 Rational use of medicinal plants, V Regional Congress of Chemist- Pharmacist-Biologist, Faculty of Chemistry, UANL, Mexico


2011 Exchange scholarship, (Beca mixta) CONACYT, Mexico.

2010 Doctoral studies program scholarship, PNP, CONACYT, Mexico.

2008 Master studies program scholarship, PNP, CONACYT, Mexico.

2004-2006 Scholarship for laboratory assistants, UANL, Mexico



Molecular Biology techniques: PCR, RT-PCR, qPCR, western blot, DNA/RNA extraction, DNA/RNA transfection, molecular cloning.

Cell culture: mostly worked with human hepatocarcinoma cell line and bacteria.


Spanish: as first language

English: Fluency in speaking, writing and reading.

French: Basic (A1). Currently studying.

Extracurricular activities

2012 Workshop Introduction to Photography, MARCO, Mexico


Photography, camping, traveling, languages and dogs.


Basketball (Faculty of Chemistry Team 2002-2009), Tae kwon do (1st kup) and hiking.